Wedding celebrations

When we think of wedding, different images starts conjuring up our mind like a vivaciously house with each family member contributing the best to make the occasion a grand family event, fireworks, music, dance happiness etc. Really, wedding celebrations are always a fun. Once the bride and the groom are sanctioned a marriage license, then the time to have fun starts! In these wedding celebrations, we revere the family values and cherish our love and togetherness which we share with our loved ones during a wedding.

A typical wedding always includes the engagement party and the bachelor’s party prior to the wedding ceremony and after the wedding ceremony, the marriage reception. But the wedding celebrations and the ceremonies around the world differ due to the difference in the varied depth in each and every culture as each of them has its own customs and traditions such as Indian brides’ hands and feet are decorated with mehndi prior to the wedding ceremony. Mehndi experts are hired to decorate the hands of the wedding guests too to wish the new bride happiness in her future. Candied almonds are served at the Italian weddings. The bitterness of the almond and the sweetness of the candy are used to remind the newly wed couple that marriage is for better and for worse and life is both bitter and sweet. So, every religion has its own culture and traditions and customs. Couple must attend and enjoy these rituals. In order to make your wedding celebrations memorable and ever lasting, I can suggest you some exquisite tips which you can further innovate as you like.

The right music always and automatically sets up the mood of the wedding. For your wedding ceremony, instead of choosing the typical and common bridal songs, you can go for your own song. It will remind you your first meeting and other lovely memories and events you shared before tying into the knot.

One of the major highlight of the wedding celebrations is the food, which has to be undoable, well prepared and most importantly delectable. Since your guests are coming from all walks of life so, I advise you to choose a little bit of everything. They must have the privilege of selecting what they wish to eat. So, let them enjoy this experience.

I suggest you instead of having a typical and common type wedding; you should go for a theme based wedding with wonderful decorations as per the theme to suit the mood of the pre-planned ceremonies and making the wedding celebrations to be remembered by everyone.

These are just tips and advise, you can explore more and add more personal touch to your wedding. As wedding tends to be a once in a lifetime events so there must be some unique features that make one identify with a wedding.

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