Best man speech ideas

Wedding Best Man Speech

Best man speech is an important and crucial part of wedding. The best man is the loyal and most trusted friend of the groom. If you, as the best man, want to leave your mark as one of the groom’s most trusted and loyal friends, you have to leave an impact upon the people and guests using your best man speech.
Some of the ideas for giving an interesting best man speech can be illustrated as follows:

  • First thing to do is to acknowledge and thank the groom for asking you to be the best man. You could also compliment the bride and her looks on behalf of the maids and the other helpers.
  • After the ceremonial thanksgiving, the main part of the speech starts. Some of the sure shot successful ways to give your speech includes the following:
  • You could mention some of the funny incidents or averted disasters related to the wedding
  • You can enlighten the environment by recounting some funny anecdotes or telling some jokes about the job skills, marriage ceremony, his previous bachelorhood days or any of the related incidents. But do take care; you should not go too far. A small careless line from your mouth could actually spoil the whole evening of the couple.
  • ince you are one of the closest friends to the groom, you could tell some interesting anecdotes about how the groom and the bride met. Their first meeting, how the groom changed after he met the bride, what he told you about his to be wife and so on.
  • You could also tell the guests about your friendship with the groom. How you met the groom, how your friendship developed and other interesting tidbits related to your friendship.
  • You could also share some advice about love and marriage with the couple while giving your heartfelt wishes to the couple. You should be sincere in your emotions so that it actually touches the hearts of those present.
  • End your speech by toasting the bride and the groom once again and giving them your best wishes regarding a happy married life for them

So, your speech should be given with heart felt sincerity. If you actually copy some one else’s speech and say it in a completely monotonous way, the guests would be ready to tune off by the time you finish off. Just prepare a speech which helps you in congratulating the couple in the best possible way so that their already special day is blessed by their friends’ wishes too.

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